Port Soller Apartments

Stunning views over the whole of Soller bay

Two beautiful Port of Soller apartments in the same block. The views speak for themselves and are amongst the reasons many visitors can hardly drag themselves away from the balconies. To have a living seascape changing before your eyes each day is a privilege not given to many.

The Port of Soller is a unique blend of a working fishing village and a smart beach resort. The fine yachts arrive in the summer with moorings very near the fishing fleet. The two worlds collide and everyone has a drink at the end of the day in the quayside restaurant and bars.

The renovation of the Marina includes a new fish market where you can buy straight from the catch of the day. The carbon footprint is unique in our world. You get the fish before the refrigerated lorries take the catch to finest establishments in Palma.

These are popular apartments because of their location and comfort. A holiday home has to contain all the elements including the license to operate. The Port of Soller Apartments fulfil all these criteria. This is the reason there are so many annual repeat bookings

The Port of Soller has an almost year round season. The winter is full of cyclists and walkers and those who enjoy the sun on the terrace. The apartments have an air-conditioning/heating system which ensures comfort whatever month of the year you book.

The Port of Soller Apartments look forward to welcoming you to our world. To share this place with you is our pleasure.