Mezzo Magic

Mezzo Magic believe that the perfect way to see the beautiful coastline of North west Mallorca is aboard one of their private charter boats and then return enriched by the experience.

The ‘bespoke’ nature of the trip is created between you in discussion with Chris and their team. What do you really want to do? Which part of the Soller coastline would you like to explore? Would you like a restaurant experience where you can dive into the sea and swim from the boat en route or would sailing to a champagne picnic on a secluded beach be more to your taste? All these questions can guide you to your perfect boating experience and one of the highlights of your holiday in the Tramuntana.

The Mezzo Magic team live in the Soller Valley and know the coastline intimately. The dolphin pods and the best places to see flying fish are second nature to them. Utilising the yacht in conjunction with what you want out of the sail results in afternoon tea cruises, sunset parties and up with the lark sailing. All ideas are talked about and the ‘can do’ mentality allows most of them to happen.

The largest yacht is often the venue for weddings and parties and the motorboat, donuts and new sea pool add the racy, fun element. Many groups charter everything to be able to switch from one boating experience to the other.

Mezzo Magic often picks up groups of hikers who have walked the trails of Cala Tuent and ended on the beach. A barbeque before the leisurely sail back makes this an often requested trip. After all the hard work of the walk and the rocky climbs to glide back over the sea back to the Port of Soller makes this a day to remember.

Mezzo Magic love their work and the unique coastline they operate their charters in. They are great ambassadors for the North West coastline of Mallorca and look forward to sharing it with you.


+34 664 679 875