Make our Day Mallorca

is a wedding planner based just 2 hours away from the UK, on the stunning island of Mallorca. We organise weddings for every style, size and budget.

This personalised wedding planning service begins and ends with Irene Caldwell. She is the lady who held her own wedding in Mallorca and learned much from the experience. Irene has had a home on the Island for the past 20 years and knew her way around but she still found the experience hard work. That gave her the vision to make your wedding in Mallorca stress free and wonderful.

Irene is a listener and is happy to have a preliminary chat to see how she can help you achieve your dream. There is nothing too small for her attention – she knows how the little things can affect your day. Irene knows the Island and the suppliers of services and venues. She can point you in the right direction and escort you to viewings. Her service is whatever you want it to be from a little advice to a full scale overview of your total wedding experience here.

Irene loves this Island and knows why you have chosen it to have your special day. She will do everything in her power to make sure that you are informed and involved every step of the way.

Locations, ceremony, dresses, wedding cakes, hairstyles, reception themes and music are all in a days work to the Make My Day Mallorca Team. Hundreds of weddings are performed in Mallorca every year and Irene is proud to be part of the profession that gives so much pleasure to people. As another wedding ends and everyone goes home it is then the thank you letters start. Irene has a beautiful collection from satisfied customers who are so glad they chose the services of ‘Make My Day Mallorca’.

Irene Caldwell looks forward to working with you to make your wedding dreams a reality here on the beautiful island of Mallorca.