Your friendly boutique property experts for Mallorca

The Living Blue team describe their Estate Agency as a ‘boutique’ experience. A warm welcome and comfort is guaranteed when you enter their offices. Living Blue was born out of the vast experience of owner Mandy Fletling and Claudio Martinez. Their careers in real estate were nurtured by a prestigious group in Mallorca. They have spent half their lifes in Mallorca concentrating on the housing market.

The business started in Alaro followed by the Head Office in Santa Maria, Palma, Campos and the Soller Valley situated at the seafront in Port of Soller.

The multilingual staff in Soller means that everyone can communicate and understand the process. They have sold many important properties in the Soller valley, for example, a major hotel sale and successful completions on many fine properties. The Soller clientele includes German, Swiss, English and other European buyers plus many from Australia and the USA. The success of Living Blue has largely grown from word of mouth so they do not know from one day to the next which nationality they will be helping.

The Real Estate world is busy and competitive. The staff at Living Blue remain relaxed in their smart offices. They know that the key to success is being able to speak the language of the client and to have a full understanding of the house buying and selling process. The Living Blue team consists of 26 highly motivated international people. The languages of the team include German, English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Swedish and several other languages too.

All of the Living Blue staff live right here where the offices are located. Their families are growing here and the team are having the same experiences as the buyers of properties here. This means that a large amount of information and a huge experience of problem solving already exists for clients to call upon. We also have a plethora of contacts for renovations, construction, cleaning and any other trade needed.

The Soller Valley excites them as it allows them to bring clients to a very different Mallorca. Renovations of properties are often needed to fulfil the clients dreams. They know they can introduce many to their dream property whether it is an apartment which is easy to lock up and leave or a beautiful large mansion which needs staff.

Living Blue exists to give their clients a great experience of the house buying and selling process in Mallorca. They look forward to meeting you…

4 bed / 4 bath
3.950.000 € (click photo below)