La Sal Restaurant, Tapas, Cocktails and Coffee

Dine in style by the boats in Port de Soller

La Sal is a brand new restaurant in the Port of Soller. The renovation of a front line building has created the special ambience and location which matches the sea and soul of the Port.

The building might be brand new, the concepts unique, but the staff are totally committed to bringing you the tastes of the Soller Valley. Experts are at work in the room.

La Sal has a simple formula for an excellent cuisine with as much local produce as possible in every mouthful. Hamlet’s Cuban/ Solleric roots have influenced the menu. In addition, his years of cocktail making and bar skills make this the Cocktail Hub of the Port of Soller.

It is rare that a new opening brings such a different experience to the scene. The key to the whole project are the words ‘home made’. From bread to desserts the work is all done here. The vision for the future includes expanding on the bread and patisserie market.

The La Sal team are local people will big brands in their portfolio. Jumeirah, Residencia and so much more were their lives before La Sal. La Sal is the realisation of ambitions to return to the roots and heart of the people who love the Port of Soller as much as they do.

You are very welcome to see and taste La Sal for yourself.