Huerto Works

Tractor, Excavator, Mower, Cultivator, Woodchipper and many other forms of machinery available with operator for all orchard and garden needs.

The hillsides and valley of Sóller have been cultivated for generations. Oranges, olives, lemons and almonds take their place on vast mountain terraces and in more manageable plots and gardens on the valley floor. Sóllerics are devoted to the regeneration of their plentiful valley and are revitalising older orange groves with young orange trees, planting avocado groves and continuing to harvest high quality virgin olive oil.

Past and current generations can tell you of the sheer physicality of the work needed to keep land in good order, to maintain the ancient watering systems, to rebuild the stone walls and to maintain the orchards’ fruitful production.

In 2020 Huerto Works arrived to do some of the heavy work. A family-based business from a Scottish farming background and with experience caring for their own Sóller finca now offer their experience and rental of agricultural machinery to their neighbours in the valley and nearby villages.

They understand the peculiarities of the Sóller Valley’s fincas, difficult access, terracing and rocky terrain. Their machines make light work of uprooting trees, digging canals, transporting building materials, ecological disposal of branch waste after pruning and much more. Small, agile tractors with accessories such as cultivator, rotavator and harrow as well as a digger, grass/weed mower and woodchipper (and more) are all available for daily rental. All machinery rental comes with a certified driver, includes delivery within the Sóller valley and saves an enormous amount of time and labour when managing large plots of land. A true fusion of Man and Machine…

Huerto Works can be contacted for a no obligation quote for any type of land management need; no job is too small. Indeed, the smaller jobs are their speciality.


  • Tractor with loader - 34,00€ / h
    Tractor with attachment - 36,00€ / h
    Excavator- 36,00€ / h
    Grass and weed cutter- 34,00€ / h
    Tipping Trailer, Multi use 3 tonne trailer, Petro Rotavator - On Request
  • Prices include licenced and insured driver/operator.
    Prices include transport within the Sóller Valley.
    Prices are negotiable for multiple days, or for more than one machine.
    Our quotations are tailored to your requirements on an hourly or daily basis.
    Prices do not include fuel or tax.