Gestoria Rullan

Your tax and accounting agency in the heart of Soller.

The offices of Gestoria Rullan (previously Gestoria Gil) have been in the same place in the heart of Soller for the past fifty years. The family are now in their third generation of providing highly trained, knowledgeable staff. All personnel have specialities which enable them to concentrate on the many aspects of business and personal accounting within the Spanish laws and tax system.

The Gestoria exists to look after employment issues and payroll production for large and small companies. Advice on the Autonomo [self employed] regulations is given and administered for those wishing to take that option. The completion of tax returns and the payment of IVA for individuals and companies is a monthly task and the reason that many people pass through their offices.

The staff are local and understand all the issues about business life in the Soller Valley. They can give you the benefit of confidential advice on starting up businesses here and are delighted to be of service to you.

The languages that the Gestoria can work in are Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Many of their German clients also speak English so that is the universal language for the German and Nordic countries. Gestoria Rullan appreciate that many people from different parts of the world have fiscal requirements and businesses here in the Soller Valley. They are set up to meet all the demands of the process.

Gestoria Rullan is proud to have served the Soller community for so many years and looks forward to bringing their expertise to your business and accounting needs.