The Town Hall of Soller.

In the heart of the City of Soller the Town Hall stands with flags flying and a welcome to all. This is the place in which the administrative heart of Soller has its focus and where citizens gather. In front of the Town Hall everything happens in Soller. The place for bonfires, fiestas, parties, political meetings, markets and gatherings. This is the very heart of Soller and the meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

The impressive steps lead you to the offices of the Town Hall. General Enquiries on the first floor, The Mayoral Chambers on the second and Planning Permission on the third. Many other offices surround these three floors and everything from Social Services to Tourism and Culture has its home here.

The day to day life of the people of Soller is reflected in this building. Everybody has a reason to use the services of the administration from registering that you live here to needing a parking permit. The Town Hall of Soller is committed to open and transparent dealings with all.

The Ajuntament of Soller understands its responsibility to a multicultural society and by the use of language and ability seeks to work with all who live in the Soller Valley. The Town Hall is at the heart of the City but it is not the only public administration building of Soller. Some offices are contained in the Lluna and others at the Son Angelats Sports Centre. The key to your first enquiry at the Town Hall about any City matter is to the General Enquiries desk on the first floor of the Town Hall. They will direct you from there to any other office you have to visit.

The staff and the politicians of the Soller Valley are working together to provide a good service to the tax payers of the area. They look forward to welcoming you to the services of the Town Hall and assisting you to good conclusions in all civic matters.


+34 971 630 200