Tailored Property Management that can help with all your needs : Cleaning, Laundry, Rentals, Maintenance, Shopping, Gardening, House Sales, Legal Queries

Martin Bishop is a resident of the Soller Valley. In his years here, since his own relocation, he has learnt much. It is his pleasure to pass on this learning and information gathering to you. He also brings 15 years of property management experience from the UK.

‘Yorcasa’ is the company set up to be the ‘property management solution’, working with individual needs of clients. Martin has clients who want him to fully represent them in all aspects of their property purchase. Others want a P.A. in the Valley to look after administration and bureaucracy. Still more want their second home properties prepared for their arrival using cleaners, gardeners and all home services. Martin also supervises the refurbishment programme of many of the houses purchased by his clients.

Martin has lived in Fornalutx and the Port of Soller and is a local Solleric by choice. He is originally from the UK and conducts his business in English.

There in nothing formulaic in the way Martin conducts his business. He will work however you want him to work. This why Yorcasa classify themselves as a P A service first and foremost. This covers all aspects of the home owners life here. What Yorcasa don’t know, they will find out. When an expert needs to be brought in to give detailed advice the appropriate Gestor, Solicitor or Building Manager will be sourced.

Yorcasa exists to make enable those who have made a choice to live here full or part time have a stress free time. Owning a property in another country with a different set of rules is a challenge for some. Martin and his team work hard to make the whole experience straightforward and manageable.

Yorcasa look forward to being of service to you.