Wedding Music Mallorca

The music of Mallorca is legendary – the talent on this island fills venues every night of the season and Mallorquin nights are filled with music.

For the hundreds of wedding couples who take their vows or have a wedding blessing each year on this beautiful island their musical requirements are different. They often want the music that is most associated with an English wedding at their ceremony. ‘The Georgie Insull Singers’ also known as ‘Wedding Music Mallorca’ fills that gap. They are a ladies choir of twenty fine voices who travel the length and breadth of Mallorca each summer singing at Weddings in venues large and small.

Their musical repertoire is vast and consists of traditional anthems and church music to specially learned arrangements of your favourite song. Their website gives a taste of what they sound like and which music they are regularly asked for. The group contains a church organist, a flautist and a range of outstanding solo voices together with the choir. They make a beautiful noise and just love to sing at these happy occasions.

Church weddings usually include hymns which many in the congregations don’t know. A choir to boost the singing of hymns is a great encouragement to your guests to sing along. The service the choir offer is that of hymn support, choir performances while you are signing the register and taking communion and solo works. Sometimes the choir sing the bride in to church or the couple out often with a really significant song to them. This is a personal service that can be tailor made for the couple.

Georgie Insull - the leader of the singers is personally involved in your arrangements and will work with you on your choice of music, musicians and soloists. The size of the choir you need is dependant on the size of the venue. Some of the vast buildings couples use need all the voices of the choir and that should be factored in to your planning.

Wedding Singers Mallorca has sung at hundreds of weddings since their beginnings. This is work they enjoy and the testimonials from satisfied couples bring its own pleasure to the group. They look forward to singing at your wedding in Mallorca. Contact Georgie and book your date soon…


+34 639 750 240