Tramuntana Property Management

To understand the vision of Tramuntana Property Management is to know the people.

In the beautiful Tramuntana area there are few companies better qualified to help you manage your property than Miguel’s. Miguel comes from a dynasty of Soller and his early life was idyllically here, heavily involved with his father’s construction company. He left the Valley for a university education in the USA and developed his engineering and design work in the United States. After marriage, and the arrival of their first child, Miguel and his wife left their American life to return to Soller bringing with them a wealth of experience and innovations ready to be launched on the Soller Valley landscape.

Tramuntana Property Management is their company and it brings a high level emphasis on service and quality for the property owner in our area. Property management, project management, property rentals and much more is offered to resident and non-resident home owners. A full service package has been created to organise and facilitate holiday lettings for absentee landlords or residents who prefer not to worry about day-to-day operations. Their wealth of local contacts amongst the tradespeople of Soller ensures that your property will get immediate and top quality attention.

The team knows that buying a house or apartment is the easy part and that the ongoing management and work to make it fit for your purpose is the bigger picture. Miguel and his team look forward to meeting you and understanding your vision for your property to help you to make that vision a reality. The goal is to offer a quality, detailed service to you on behalf of your property in the Tramuntana area.