Tallat de Lluna

Traditional craftmanship and state of the art kitchens - right here in Soller.

The industrial estate of Son Angelats is the home to their showroom where they have a stunning kitchen display and carpentry workshop.

Marti Munar Cladera is the owner and a Master Carpenter from Soller. He has been working with the houses of Mallorca for the past twenty five years. Kitchen installations are very special to him because he can use his carpentry skills to create custom built kitchens around the set pieces which are purchased by his clients. Marti has an old fashioned approach to after sales service which means he is always on call for any problems and to make alterations as the customer requires. A full range of carpentry projects are also undertaken and skillfully produced in the Son Angelats workshop.

Tallat de Lluna has its own skilled Interior Designers. The qualified and experienced staff is designing for new and old. All kitchens are virtually designed and tailored to the customers tastes and needs. The most up to date computer imaging is available to make choosing easier for the customer.

Marti and his team are personally involved in all projects and are proud of the many kitchens of Soller that came from Tallat de Lluna and their suppliers in Galicia. From ordering to installation of your chosen kitchen takes six weeks. The price range of kitchens and appliances is varied depending on the quality chosen - everyone can find their kitchen here according to their budget.

Tallat de Lluna has also created a fantastic ‘Show Cooking’ Area in their showroom which gives opportunities for prestigious chefs to demonstrate their work to the public. This is an innovation they are very proud of. The ability for customers to watch while one of the display kitchens is being used in a real life situation is unique.

Tallat de Lluna looks forward to being of service to you and offering you their skills from a truly local supplier.