Mel i Melo

Quirky Ladies fashion, shoes, accessories and hand printed scarves

In the heart of Soller there is a Hublot Mode Marine Concept store. This very chic French range of clothes has a maritime theme running through it and is beloved by the Parisian fashionistas. This range of traditional sea stripes is found in t shirts, dresses, seafaring waxed jackets, fabulous cruise wear and a children’s collection. Hublot occupies the basement part of the Mel I Melo shop just off the square in Soller. This is a very unusual place to find these glorious clothes and has been chosen because Magda the owner has fantastic French connections which allowed her to bring this range to Soller.

Mel I Melo is packed with wonderful treasures and is the place in Soller where it is possible to spend hours browsing. There are clothes from designers all over the world with a special emphasis on party and fiesta wear. There are shoes, bags, jewellery, earrings, scarves and hats and just when you thought you had seen everything another delight beckons.

Mel I Melo has a full shop of reasonably priced clothes in a full range of sizes. It is open every day from 10 am and closed on Sunday.

This shop can display some items in the window but to appreciate the wonderful things on offer means coming in and taking a look. You are very welcome to browse and take your time over the experience. The Hublot Mode chic is a real surprise but that is not all this lovely shop has to offer.

The key to the success of Mel I Melo is the buyers discerning eye and that is the gift that Magda brings to Soller. She looks forward to welcoming you to Mel I Melo and encourages you not to be shy and enjoy the lovely things she has sourced.