Lavanderia Sóller

A laundrette, a laundry, a specialised cleaners, a carpet cleaners, a dress maker/alterations, an upholsterer and a comfy space to sit, have a coffee and wait for your washing. A new laundry is born in the heart of L’horta in Poetissa Fca Alcover 68 , across the road from Agromart.

This is a brand new installation with everything shiny new and ready to go. Large and small washing machines, dryers, a huge roller press and industrial iron. A state of the art laundry for everyone, be you wanting to do a wash from your own home or you are local business with bulk requirements.

Andrea and the team are early birds - the laundry will be open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am. Drop your washing off on the way to work and collect on your return.

Eco friendly washing products are available, the choice of using them is yours.

The seasonality of work in the Soller Valley means Duvets and winter washes ready for storage for hotels and guest houses are a speciality. Curtains, soft furnishings and drapes are all managed in the largest of machines and folded ready for winter storage.

Lavenderia Soller in L’horta is accessed by the one stop on the tram line where the Tram has to stop. Situated half way between Port and Town this is an ideal drop off point for that bag of washing or pile of duvets. A cup of coffee and access to the Wi-Fi is available for all those who want to sit and wait in the community laundrette.

Lavenderia Soller is contributing to the resurgence of Poetissa Fca Alcover as the shopping and service hub it once was in the past. There is more reason to linger longer when everything you need is so easily accessible.

Lavenderia Soller is proud to serve the local community of L’horta and beyond and Andrea and the whole team are ready to welcome you.