Ca'n Pintxo

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Ca'n Pintxo Restaurant

Ca'n Pintxo lives in the heart of Soller as a very popular restaurant and an equally popular Cooking School. The restaurant is the inspiration of a group of local cooks who are inventive designers of Soller’s Pintxos. Ca’n meaning house and Pintxo meaning brochette gives you your own version of tapas with a modernist inventive streak. The House of the Pintxos welcomes all. Cocktails and local beers plus the Pintxos makes this place ultra popular and busy with locals and visitors alike. Summer reservations are always a must.

Ca'n Pintxo Cookery School

Round the corner in another Ca'n Pintxo building lives the state of the art kitchens used for preparation and cookery demonstrations and classes. Sometimes the space is shared with fellow local Chefs to give a Japanese or other themed lesson. Their clients leave well fed after they have learned to cook the Can Pintxo way and all enjoy the whole experience. Cookery classes are a feature of their world and grow each season as the inspirations of nature allow sharing of its bounty and the chef’s cookery skills.

Ca'n Pintxo Catering

Travelling around the island you may well come across Ca'n Pintxo on the road, at festivals, fairs and meeting places. The home grown taste of the island looks after weddings, functions and parties from their food trucks. The name Ca'n Pintxo is synonymous with the heart of the Soller Valley and their love of telling the hospitality stories and sharing local food.

New tastes, new ideas, new concepts, all from one natural home. The experience of food expands and grows into the space we live in. To inhabit a world of fine food is Ca'n Pintxo’s pleasure and they look forward to sharing with you soon.