BEACH HOUSE Port de Soller

Ice Cream, Crepes, Cakes and Drinks while you sunbathe...

As the Repic Beach begins, after crossing the wooden bridge, you arrive at the door of the Beach House. An oasis waiting to introduce you to the delight and delectation of many flavours of Ice Cream. The unique, delicious flavours are made daily in Soller by Maiko & Johanna. Their kitchens also prepare the finest home made cakes including the Almond, Orange and Chocolate specialities which are loved by so many.

The Beach House is open every day from 10 am and serves breakfast rolls and bagels with a beautiful view of the sea. The snack menu, served all day includes savoury and sweet crepes, baguettes and cakes. Milk shakes, Penguin Slush Puppy, tea, coffee and juice sit alongside the wines, cocktails and sundowners.

The Beach house is a New England style experience on the Repic Beach of the Port of Soller. The all day café leads on to chill out cocktail zone as the sun goes down and the evening crowd come out to play. The seats alongside the beach make this a favourite stop for those who like a drink or ice cream to accompany the spectacular sunsets of our coast.

The Beach house is open from February to November each year and is the meeting place for so many.

The Beach House is the place to start your Repic Beach experience. The innovative fresh menu enhances great days on the beach. The cocktails and the ice cream make the evenings sophisticated and fun. This café arrived on the Repic Beach in 2013 and looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this year.




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