ASISA Health Insurance

Medical insurance tailormade for English speakers!

Established in 1971, ASISA is Spain’s largest healthcare provider and multi-insurance group, with the country’s largest network of private hospitals and the broadest network of specialists. ASISA’s customers include private individuals, families, small firms, large corporations and the government itself; ASISA is the main health insurer for civil servants, judges and the armed forces in Spain.

In 2020, responding to the needs expressed by the British nationals in Spain, ASISA creates a bespoke health insurance policy tailored to the needs of English speaking clients who wish to have access to the best in Spanish healthcare without the language barriers. Asisa Health Insurance for English speakers, brings together all the services that have helped Asisa health grow to become Spain’s favourite health insurer, and expands the covers it offers to include additional key elements that address the specific needs of English speaking clients.

The insurance policy is suitable for customers of any nationality who prefer to communicate in English and receive bespoke customer support in English when they are in Spain and while travelling abroad.

It is available to all those who:

• Reside outside Spain but wish to be covered internationally by a comprehensive health insurance with the calibre and quality that Spanish healthcare offers
• Reside in Spain and wish to have access to the best Spanish healthcare while receiving personalised service in English and access to English speaking doctors
• Wish to apply for residency in Spain and therefore require a comprehensive private health cover.

Asisa in the Balearics is represented by a local team of English Ambassadors with huge experience of the needs and interests of the Balearic population. You are only ever a phone call away from the high level of service you would expect from a company who put the patient’s interests first.