Arturo Rhodes

Surrealist, Deià.

Arturo Rhodes (also known as Arthur) is a resident of Deia and an iconic artist of the Tramuntana. This is an artist who lives through his work and expresses it every day in surrealism and joy. Many of his works hang in the homes of famous art collectors, amongst them Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyn Franks, Caroline Corr, Kevin Ayers, Sir Roger McGough, Brian Patten and Sinead O Connor. To this list is added every year as more and more collectors head for Deia to see the latest works of Arturo.

A London start and the Watford School of Art before worldwide travels and development of a myriad of talents including a spell as the Cartoonist for the New York Times. The Silk Road travels, 200 countries visited and many adventures en route changed direction on arrival in Spain in 1980 when the paint and imagination was fired into new directions. A spell in Ibiza gave way to Deia in 1981 and thus it has been since then.

Arturo defines himself as an illustrator and drawer with a surrealist’s imagination. The history of Art is his inspiration and constant development of new themes. Annual exhibitions in Deia and other locations in Mallorca ensure there is a constant stream of new work coming from his talent.

Arturo says ‘I like to feel I adapt to whatever subject life throws at me... hopefully I can make something out of it all... thus enriching an ever-growing artistic life. People have said my work is mystical... or surreal... but my bent has remained the same since childhood... my pictures often contain a story... or a question unanswered. The world is, as Alice said, a very curious place’.

Arturo Rhodes welcomes your interest in his work and looks forward to sharing it with you.


+34 971 639 280