Miquel Angel Bernat Busquets.

Pop Art and Realism live in the Lluna at No 8. The main street of Soller begins with the Art Studio and influences of Miquel. The studio overflows with the constant production of original art from small pieces which visitors buy as a memento of their visit to huge, beautiful works.

To understand the work of Miquel you need to look at all the influences his style has been subject to. From early years training in Soller and then in Palma Art Schools he developed his Comic and Pop Art technique. As a comic illustrator he enjoyed great success and this reflects much of his work today.

Miquel is a Solleric and proud of his wonderful place in the universe. His ambition is for you to take home a piece of Soller original art and many people do. The huge, bold, colourful works sit in pride of place in the entradas and sitting rooms of the Soller Valley and beyond. Many of these works have been shipped abroad and now live in London, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

The shop is full of interesting works of art including those that adorn the T Shirts and bags that summer visitors love to buy. The constant work that goes on in the studio ensures there are always new pieces of interest and excitement.

Miquel is a working artist and his works are to be found in galleries in Palma and beyond. He contributes to the Nits of Art held annually in Soller and Valldemossa. His unique selling point is that every piece of art he sells is original. The price range of the work reflects the full range of interest in his art from the souvenir collector to museum pieces. Everyone is welcome to come and see what on offer in the shop from 10 to 2000 euros.

EXHIBITIONS IN PALMA at the Collective Art Gallery and the Puro Hotel.


+34 663 292 071