Sa Barca

A beautiful new restaurant opened in the Port of Soller a couple of years ago.

Sa Barca is its name and it stands proudly looking out at sea on the front line of the Port. This place was always going to be different because the design was a brand new build. This was not the site of an old restaurant, a refurbishment or reform. Sa Barca arrived on the scene as important, fresh and new.

This is the restaurant with husband and wife Chefs Andrea Müller and Jürgen Lichtenauer at the helm. They are assisted by Chef Tom Bell who they brought with them from Munich. Food is this trio’s passion and their emphasis is on the Mediterranean Crossover style of cooking with a few special Spanish influences. This team were influential chefs in Germany who wanted to relocate to the beauty and sunshine of the Port of Soller. This was their holiday destination for years and their dream was to find the perfect building, in the perfect location, to bring their food style to Spain. They found their dream in the Port of Soller.

Sa Barca is open every day from noon till 11 pm from February to October. The inside restaurant seats 30 people and the outside sunset terrace another 50. This is a diverse, interesting A La Carte experience for diners and the chefs love to share their food excitement with you. The Chefs are all from Germany and the rest of the staff are local Sollerics with great language skills.

The terrace of Sa Barca deserves a special mention because it is from there you can see the sun set. The North West coast of Mallorca is the sunshine capital of the island and the views each night are magnificent. A cocktail, delicious dinner, attentive service and nature at its best – what could be better?

Jürgen and Andrea are so glad they found their place in the sun in which to create the dishes that please the palate. They look forward to welcoming you to the unique atmosphere and taste experience of Sa Barca very soon.