Discover the history of the Soller Valley

To visit Ecovinyassa and wander the citrus orchards is a true taste of the Soller Valley. The family have lived in this house for generations and Sebastiana was actually born here in the house. The suburb location under the Alfabia Ridge between Fornalutx and Biniariax has long been considered the finest citrus growing area of Mallorca.

In opening the Ecovinyassa orchards to the public the family are welcoming you to their world to see what lies at the heart of the Soller Valley. They farm the fruit organically and the flavour of fruit grown this way cannot be compared to the mass production available in the supermarkets. Ecovinyassa is a working farm and is only open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The rest of the time the staff are picking and nurturing the fruit and the land.

18,000 sq mts of land is yours to walk when you visit this place to see how fruit should be grown. You are free to walk the pathways and read the information on the 50 information boards prepared for you in five languages. At the end of your visit you are invited to sit awhile and enjoy some freshly squeezed oranges and a local snack. The family are glad to share this hospitality with you and answer any questions you might have.

It is no accident that Ecovinyassa is located next door to the Capvespre Centre which is the Agricole of the Soller Valley. Local olives are pressed here and the produce of the valley in all its abundance is sold from this place.

Ecovinyassa offers a rare opportunity to assimilate the heart of the Valley and understand the growers’ passion for organic produce grown in the traditional way. You can even take a taste home with you from their exquisite marmalade selection.

You are very welcome to visit the Ecovinyassa world.

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